Slow & Steady Wins the Race: Feeling Confident in Construction on the Eastside

2012 has been a year of slow but steady growth for our industry. At the Bellevue Chamber’s 2012 Economic Forecast Breakfast, Eastside business leaders are the most optimistic they’ve been since 2006 (see article). “Among sectors,” this article says, “construction was the brightest, with eight in 10 respondents optimistic, followed closely by real estate, rental and leasing.”

As businesses begin once again to thrive and confidence in the market continues to strengthen, more jobs and increased home buying power mean more development in our area. The Seattle Times notes that the construction boom in Seattle is moving Eastward, saying that “developers expect to break ground in 2013 on five residential projects with more than 1,100 units. At least three office towers, totaling about 1.5 million square feet, could start construction as well” (see article). This means an increased inflow of people to fill these jobs and these homes. For us, it means that families are increasingly able to take advantage of the decades of expertise and customer service that we’ve developed here to put them in a home that is built just for them.


This is what we like to hear: “The housing industry is in a recovery,” said Larry Sorsby, chief financial officer of Red Bank, “Those builders that survived the unprecedented downturn of the last six years are in a good position not only to survive but to thrive” (see article). That’s what we’re starting to see here at Encore Custom Homes & Remodels and that’s what is driving our business into 2013. As you celebrate the season and look toward 2013, we here at Encore Custom Homes & Remodels look forward to not only thriving ourselves, but helping the families whose homes we build thrive as well as they discover the joy of custom built homes.


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