Shiny & New: New Construction Built More Solid than Old Homes

There’s a general sense that products these days are disposable and not what they used to be. Not so with homes. With technology in the building industry and a growing emphasis on going green, new construction is your best bet for a solid, durable home.

Yes, a new home is beautiful on the outside, but it’s just as impressive on the inside – of the walls, that is. Reinforcing steel  ensures far sturdier foundations and metal framing connectors ensure that our newer homes don’t suffer from what they called the “cripple walls” of Victorian and older homes. Plumbing, heating and electrical are also not only longer-lasting, but far safer and more energy efficient. The use of updated materials and a focus on both cost efficiency and energy efficiency mean these updates go a long way to making your new home truly a better model than your grandparents’.

Oftentimes we here at Encore Custom Homes hear about the amazing yard, spectacular finishes and impressive aesthetic details of our homes – but it’s what’s inside where our customers truly see the most value and the greatest of our accomplishments.  As so many other goods see a decline in quality, you can rest assured that your home is state-of-the-art, new and improved and overall a brilliant investment.


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