Building Peace of Mind

As the housing market recovers and more and more people are able to realize their dream of a custom home, it’s important to know what lies ahead. For most people, when they build a custom home, it’s their first. At Encore Custom Homes we make it our job to ensure our clients are as prepared as possible for the project and that they can rest easy knowing the job’s getting done right.

Lending | As you consider a custom home, we want you to be in-the-know about what that means. To start, lending is different for a custom-built home. Construction loans also require the lender to sign off on your building plans and choice of builder up front, and to be involved in approving funds throughout the process. We work closely with lenders to ensure that they have everything they need to keep the project moving along smoothly.


Resale | Also, while we’re building your dream home just for you, we always keep an eye on resale potential. Our designs are focused on versatility of space and communicating with you the best means to realize your vision while adding the maximum value to your home via layout, floor plans, finishes, etc.

Government Oversight | The city is inevitably involved in any construction project. Working with city inspectors, getting permits, and other red tape are also something we here have vast knowledge about so that your home-building stays on track. Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with local government agencies and we know exactly what they need so that we can move forward with your project as efficiently and in as timely a manner possible.

I’ve painted some broad strokes about what goes in to building a custom home, but what we want you to know is that even if you don’t know about or simply haven’t thought about each part of the home-building process, we have. It’s what sets Encore Custom Homes apart from other builders.  Each detail is thoroughly researched, planned out and executed with the highest quality in mind. Should you have any questions about any of the larger or smaller details involved in building your own home, we’re always here to help.


Questions? We're here to help!

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