Builder Breakdown: Custom vs. Production


The term “home builder” is more varied than you might think. Oftentimes there’s confusion about what different types of home builders do and we want to make sure you know the difference. Two different types of home builders are custom builders and production builders.

Production builders build on land they own. They are the ones you see with brochures full of layouts that you can choose and they tend to be large volume and build a variety of types of homes (single family, condo, town homes, etc). These homes are generally built much more quickly as home buyers do not have as many options as far as finishes, materials and the like. Most of the interior and exterior design decisions have already been made; as well since production builders own the land, you are constrained by what lots they have to choose from. These homes have been pre-designed and are therefore built more quickly but with less input from the buyer.

What is a Custom Home?  At Encore we say , “Individually tailored and designed for your lifestyle, in any size, for any budget, on your lot.”

Custom builders,  which is what we are here at Encore Custom Homes, build homes that are site-specific and each have a unique set of plans per the clients; needs. We build far less homes in a year since each of our projects is a more in-depth process with clients choosing every detail of their home. We are also far more involved with our clients and guide them every step of the way to ensure they’re getting the custom home of their dreams. Our homes are built on your specific lot, whether it is a new purchase that we are taking down or maybe it is the home you currently live in. Custom homes have better quality and you have more insight into the vendors, materials and aesthetics we use. Down to the details – the quality of the material, specific framing needs, changes to the plans while the home is being built, maybe you have special HVAC, plumbing, electrical and audio needs. We involve you in everything, all the way down to designing tile patterns, placing shower heads to laying out your specific cabinet hardware. – as well as the techniques we use to put it all together, overall a custom home is a far more meticulous and thoughtful project.

No matter which type of builder you use, you end up with a new house. But with a custom builder, not only do you have more control over the process, when you’re done you have a home you can truly call your own as well as an investment that pays off in the long-term. For more information about what it is we do that’s different from other builders, get in touch with us!


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