A little bit about Stackman Custom Homes…

Welcome to Stackman Custom Homes!

Greg Newhall and Gary Jones have recently retired from the home building business and John Stackman has launched a new endeavor in their wake. With his 30 years’ experience in custom home building in the Pacific Northwest, John established Stackman Custom Homes in 2013 and he continues to use the same team of quality sub-contractors, vendors, architects and designers to which homeowners have become accustomed. With the new group, he also continues the legacy of 100% transparency in the planning and building processes for homes from $100 per square foot to $500 per square foot.

Not only does John have decades of experience building in the area, but he also has a wide breadth of knowledge about the intricacies of all types of markets, from the lows of the 90’s and the drop in 2008 to the booms in between. This kind of insight allows Stackman Custom Homes to help seamlessly navigate their clients through what can otherwise be a complex process of constantly fluctuating construction prices, land availability and vendor options.

Offering peace of mind and open communication, Stackman Custom Homes with John Stackman at the helm is an ideal combination of unparalleled expertise and excellence in customer service.

To learn more about Stackman Custom Homes or to view its portfolio, please visit here.

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