Warm & Dry in Wet Northwest Weather

Pacific Northwest winters can wreak havoc on your home and this winter is about to prove it will be no different. There are a few key precautions that can protect your home from the particularly wet winter we’re about to face:

1)     Water Flow | don’t use French drains or sub drains and don’t direct water toward slopes. In our area mudslides can be a problem. Though directing water down a slope may seem a good way to prevent ponding, it can actually erode carefully engineered and compacted land that is necessary for the stability of your property.

2)     Heat Retention | along with making sure any gaps or cracks in your home are completely sealed, check heating ducts as loose ducts can cause you to seep out up to 20% of your interior heat.

13)     Trees | Check your trees and trim any overhang. Falling limbs or even entire felled trees are common in our area as the ground softens with increased moisture.

4)     Street Drains | it’s not just about your home, but your whole property. Ensure your street drains are clear of leaves and other residue that could potentially cause water to back up into the street.

The two goals of weatherizing your home are safety and efficiency. Anticipating how precipitation will affect your grounds can avoid future issues. As well, taking stock of your home’s vulnerabilities when it comes to losing heat can save you quite a bit of cash in the coming months.

Should you have any questions about how to prepare your home for our upcoming winter, get in touch with us here at Encore Custom Homes. We have endless resources, vendors and information to help you face this winter head-on.


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