Micro Homes Making Big Waves

What exactly is a “micro home”? It’s exactly what it sounds like. Micro homes are generally between 150 – 350 square feet. Former storage units, shipping containers and even dumpsters are being converted into these tiny abodes along with new construction of these tiny spaces in our cities.

1Micro homes as they are emerging fall into two categories: on the one hand they are tiny spaces in response to urban growth and skyrocketing rents and on the other they are created as architectural spectacles. The former are often derided as a means to squeezing more rent out of city-dwellers, particularly in San Francisco and New York; the latter can be truly amazing, innovative and progressive pieces of functional art.

The more promising concepts of a micro home and their reality are as yet seen in these stark contrast. However, for those looking to enjoy one, their growing popularity means that in no time we’ll be seeing the convergence of both their cost-effectiveness and their aesthetic potential. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the development of this new idea because for better or worse, micro homes may be here to stay.


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