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Sleek, Ultramodern Penthouse in Portland, Ore. (House of the Day)

AOL News | April 11, 2013 | link

House or apartment? You might think that everyone’s American dream is to own a cute suburban single-family home, but voters in our #housepornthurs contest this week blew that theory out of the water! Even this cozy Tudor in Rye, N.Y., was no match against a sleek, contemporary apartment in Portland, Ore. Clearly, y’all prefer city views over woodland, because Oregon practically took out the competition blindfolded!

It’s a “Manhattan-style” loft-like penthouse with an ultramodern feel, plush carpet, blonde hardwood floors, soaring ceilings and an oversize terrace. The 1,620-square-foot pad boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study, spacious kitchen and even two full-size wine fridges (because you need two of those). And it can be all yours for $999,000. That’s totally less than $1 million!

Gallery: See This $999,000 Portland Penthouse


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