Eastside commuters take note…

King County Metro: Bus Routes Could Be Eliminated or Reduced

The transit agency says an ongoing funding gap could cause it to cut 65 routes and reduce 86 more. Routes that serve Bellevue are at risk of being deleted.

Caitlan Moran | Patch.com | April 1, 2013 | link

Facing an ongoing funding shortage, King County Metro announced Monday that it has identified 65 bus routes for possible elimination and an additional 86 for service reductions, including buses in Bellevue.

In Bellevue, six routes are being considered for elimination and nine are being considered for reduction or revision, according to King County Metro.

The transit agency held a news conference Monday morning, asking the state legislature to step in and help it find a permanent solution to a $75-million annual budget gap when a $20 temporary congestion reduction car-tab fee expires next year.

The cuts would affect 151—about two-thirds—of the system’s 217 routes and take place as transit ridership continues to increase, Metro said in a Tweet on Monday: “Demand for transit is growing. 2/3 of Seattle’s 200K daily commuters don’t drive.”

Here is a list of the Bellevue buses that are at risk for deletion:

210  Issaquah TC to Downtown Seattle

211  Issaquah Highlands P&R to First Hill

215  North Bend to Issaquah TC to Downtown Seattle

216  Bear Creek P&R to Sammamish to Downtown Seattle

237 Woodinville P&R to Bellevue TC

243  Jackson Park to Bellevue


Here is a list of the Bellevue buses that are at risk for reductions or revisions:

214  Issaquah to Downtown Seattle

221  Education Hill to Crossroads to Eastgate

226  Eastgate P&R to Crossroads to Overlake to Bellevue TC

232 Duvall to Redmond TC to Overlake TC to Bellevue TC

234 Kenmore to Kirkland TC to Bellevue TC

235 Kingsgate P&R to Kirkland TC to Bellevue TC

241  Eastgate P&R to Bellevue TC

245  Kirkland TC to Crossroads to Factoria

246  Eastgate P&R to Somerset to Bellevue TC to Clyde Hill



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